From left, Mexico's Gerardo Torrado, Ricardo Osorio, goalkeeper Oscar Perez, and Francisco Javier Rodriguez, react after Argentina's second goal. ((Guillermo Arias/Associated Press))

There are few places to hide when you make a mistake at the World Cup — just ask Ricardo Osorio.

Mexico was reeling from Carlos Tevez's opener in Sunday's round-of-16 match when Osorio tried to turn on the edge of his box and miskicked the ball straight to Gonzalo Higuain.

The error was one that Osorio will have to bear for years — probably a lifetime — of repeats and reminders. Having the support of your teammates helps — but not much. 

Mexico captain Rafael Marquez said "it could have happened to any of us" and insisted the team would "support him and keep trusting in him".

Osorio's teammate in defence Carlos Salcido also offered support.

"It's a team, we can't blame one person," Salcido said. "Everybody tries to contribute and everyone tries to do their best." 

History repeated itself as the team lost to Argentina at the round of 16 stage for the second straight World Cup.

In 2006, Maxi Rodriguez scored a wonder goal from outside the box to beat the Mexicans in extra time.

This time, the defeat was tinged with controversy after replays showed Tevez was offside for the all-important opening goal. 

Mexico had started brightly, with Salcido hitting the crossbar and Andres Guardado shooting just wide with barely 10 minutes played.

But Tevez' disputed strike wrecked Mexico's game plan and Argentina capitalized on its good fortune.

"We are sad because of the way we lost," Marquez said. "We all saw what happened. Great teams like this Argentina side don't need this kind of help [from the referees]."

"We just feel like it's happened all over again," Salcido said. "We are out of the World Cup. 

"There are no explanations — that's just football. You can complain about the first goal or complain about other things but in the end we are out.

"We have just got to be satisfied with our efforts and the good football that we played at times."