Sexist French soccer banner prompts free tickets to all women

The top French soccer club in Lille, France is extending an invitation to all women after fans in Lyon — Lille's opponent last Saturday — held sexist banners during Saturday's Ligue 1 match.

Lille squad made the offer after rival club's fans held up controversial signs

Lyon soccer fans raise sexist banners during at a French Ligue 1 match on Saturday. (Courtesy Wendie Renard/Twitter)

The top French soccer club in Lille, France is extending an invitation to all women after fans in Lyon — Lille's opponent last Saturday — held a sexist banner during Saturday's Ligue 1 match. 

Fans in the Lyon crowd raised a sign showing a woman with the word cuisine [kitchen] printed below while another sign depicted a man with stade [stadium] written. 

On Tuesday, the Lille Olympique Sporting Club confirmed on Twitter that it will be offering free tickets to all women for its next home match against Lorient on Saturday saying, "Ladies, you are welcome with us."


Meanwhile, Lyon's president Jean-Michel Aulas has said the club will be investigating the incident. 

The captain of Lyon's women's team Wendie Renard expressed her concern at the banner with a Tweet.

"Lyon supporters...can you give me some explanation on that banner? Men at the stadium, women in the kitchen?" #Equality

Lyon's women's team has won the French title 14 times. 

Aulas, also the president of Lyon's women's club, responded to Renard's message.

"The club is going to crack down and file a complaint against whoever made this banner."

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, the culprit has already been identified.

Lyon is currently fourth in the French league standings, but lost the match 2-1 on Saturday to Lille.