Those who were expecting a return to footballing routine on Saturday didn’t get what they wanted, not with birds, fans, and magic spray cans running amok on the first day of the 2014-15 English Premier League season. 

A fan decided that he could take a free kick better than Christian Eriksen during the Tottenham-West Ham match. So he ran onto the field and took his chance. 

Turns out, he can. Tottenham’s Eriksen put his effort high over the bar, while the fan managed to curl it over the wall and on goal, where it was stopped by West Ham keeper Adrian.

Arsenal’s Santi Cazorla was the unfortunate victim of an unprovoked attack from a malfunctioning spray can that couldn’t be contained by a referee. 

And finally, if you’re eating, don’t watch this next Vine below. If you’re eating some sort of custard, close your laptop now and throw it out a window. 

Manchester United’s Ashley Young was yelling at someone during the match against Crystal Palace. Then something happened. It may or may not have come from a bird. 

Enjoy the rest of your day. Ashley Young won’t.