Canada's World Cup 'team'

A behind-the-scenes World Cup blog from CBC's news crew

A behind-the-scenes blog by CBC's news crew

CBC producer Erin Boudreau sits in front of a laptop, with cameraman Richard Devey and CBC-TV's London correspondent Adrienne Arsenault standing to the right. (CBC)

Greetings from Cape Town!  

A good portion of your CBC News team is now on the ground in South Africa. Some will be pulling the second shift and arriving later. Since Canada's soccer team didn't qualify for the 2010 World Cup, for better or for worse, we are your team on the ground.   

For the next 5½ weeks, we'll give our Canadian readers, listeners and viewers a glimpse of what it is like to be here, during this historic, first FIFA World Cup held on African soil.  

Our team will be out and about in South Africa covering the big matches, the breaking news, the Canadian angles and the quirky or touching stories of the Cup. We'll also be tweeting and posting blogs on Here's a roundup of your CBC News team:

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Adrienne Arsenault doesn't need much introduction to CBC-TV viewers. You've likely seen her on The National, CBC News Network and your local supper-hour newscast, often reporting from far flung locales. Richard Devey is Adrienne's cameraman/editor and he's one of CBC's best. He must have a magic lens on that camera of his because every shot is artful. Keeping the whole team running smoothly, with her strong editorial skills and envied (especially by me) organizational skills is Erin Boudreau. The three typically make up our CBC London team. They'll be filing news stories from Johannesburg for World Cup's opening week, plus a couple of longer pieces for The National. Watch for them!

CBC Radio's World Report team is the only CBC program to be broadcasting an actual show from South Africa. World Report host Peter Armstrong will be pulling double duty, doing various reports this week and then hosting the program live from various locations in and around Johannesburg from June 11 to 14. David Michael Lamb is the show's senior producer and Sean Brocklehurst is a field producer. You won't hear them on the radio, but they'll both be a big part of getting the stories ready and producing live broadcasts.

CBC Radio's World Report crew, from left to right, field producer Sean Brocklehurst, senior producer David Michael Lamb and host Peter Armstrong. (CBC)

Margaret Evans is well known to listeners and viewers as CBC's Middle East correspondent. She's been busy lately covering the Gaza flotilla story, but is still managing to make her way to Johannesburg armed with an impressive list of must-do stories.  

For detailed analysis of the teams and matches, check out CBC's expert blogs.

What would CBC Radio's coverage be without David Gutnick? David's unique storytelling is familiar to listeners across Canada. As always, you can expect David to bring you stories off the beaten track, behind the scenes or a slice of life you didn't know you didn't know about. 

We thought it important to bring you news and views from outside Johannesburg as well, since this is an event that will be held across South Africa. That's why CBC's Africa correspondent, David McGuffin, is based in Cape Town for the week before the Cup and that first exciting week after kickoff. David is a "football fanatic" and pretty excited. Just look at this picture when he got to go into Green Point Stadium here in Capetown.

David McGuffin was excited to finally arrive at Green Point Stadium. ((Carolyn Dunn/CBC))

You'll see David's live reports from Cape Town each day on CBC News Network starting now through the first week of the World Cup. 

Behind the camera is Ousama Farag, another one of our best cameraman/editors. You've undoubtedly seen his great camera work from Toronto and on stories around the globe, even if you're not familiar with his name. 

CBC cameraman Ousama Farag is part of the World Cup coverage team. ((Carolyn Dunn/CBC))

And I'll be cracking the whip, producing this team to make sure David and Ousama are bringing you the latest news in-between checking scores!

Carolyn Dunn is the producer of CBC's team covering the World Cup in South Africa. ((David McGuffin/CBC))

While everyone on the team either has a love of or an expertise in soccer, I'd be remiss to not mention two great sports journalists who will be on duty as the field of contending teams narrows until the World Cup winning match on July 11.

CBC Radio's Teddy Katz brings a great deal of depth and knowledge to his sports journalism as the network sports reporter, elevating his stories beyond who won and who lost. CBC Sports correspondent Tom Harrington is the guy who fills in everywhere, doing just about everything. Covering a World Cup has been a dream of Tom's since he was a teenager. 

That is your CBC News team. We'll do our best to bring you stories that appeal to soccer fans and those who don't follow the sport at all. As always, we love hearing your feedback and hope you'll take a few moments to drop a comment or a tweet throughout our coverage.