The World Cup is Christmas for soccer fans. Also for people who like really strange things. Thanks to the internet, we have a reliable catalogue for these. Here are some that we’ve noticed recently. You should know that we have to cut a lot from these lists. 

Condom companies score

Apparently this condom is very popular in Brazil right now. More than 2.1 million of these have been sold as of Thursday, according to The Wall Street Journal. It has the colours of the Brazilian flag and tastes like the Caipirinha, Brazil's signature drink.

These condoms created a lot of buzz during the lead-up to the tournament as well. The condoms themselves do not buzz.

World Cup Condoms

Durex also got into the act with a commercial that pokes fun at diving players.

Wheelchair section not secure

Soccer can create miracles. It can mend countries, bring people from different cultures together, and provide unbridled joy.

But this? Probably not.

Police are investigating.