Americans are falling in love with their soccer team. 

In what may be a watershed moment for the sport in the U.S., fans across the country are turning out in record numbers to support their side. 

Here are some of the best examples we’ve noticed.

Celebrity endorsements

Hulk Hogan, The Real American threw his weight behind the U.S. in one of the weirdest wrestling promos you’ll ever see.

Will Ferrell was revealed at the Americans’ secret weapon during the fan rally in Brazil before the big Germany-U.S. match, where he proclaimed that he would bite every single German player. Don’t push him.

U.S. President Barack Obama, when not getting mistaken for English soccer players, is taking in the action, managing to watch the Germany-U.S. match on Air Force One.

Ratings bonanza

The first World Cup in the Western Hemisphere since 1994 has predictably been a watershed for TV ratings in the country. And ESPN had its highest-ever ratings for a soccer match during the U.S.-Portugal game.

Passionate fans

Americans at home have turned out in droves to watch the matches. Viewing parties across the nation saw thousands of people show up for the U.S.-Germany encounter, which started right in the middle of a workday.

Also, U.S. fans in Brazil camped out in front of the hotel where the German team was based, and gave them a very early wakeup call.

And two words: Teddy Goalsavelt.

Other sports

Pro teams in the U.S. from other sports are also getting in on the wave of support. The Philadelphia Eagles, Texas Rangers, even NASCAR are all tweeting their support.