A consumer defence agency in Brazil said late Monday that it’s found expired food in hotels where England and Italy’s World Cup squads are based.

On its website, the Rio de Janeiro state agency said that inspectors found 25 kg of expired pasta, shrimp, salmon and margarine at Hotel Portobello, where Italy is staying. Another 24 kg of food was thrown out because there was no visible expiration date. 

No reports were made available on the state of the hotel’s mushrooms.

England’s Royal Tulip Hotel saw 2 kg of butter, Parma ham (delicious) and salmon too old for consumption. No food-related puns for England’s hotel were available as of press time. 

Condoms were unavailable at either hotel, which is the law. Also required by law is information about sexually transmitted diseases. This information was also not there. Stunned occupants will have to perform an “internet search” via “The Google” to find these facts. 

With files from The Associated Press