In this series of articles, CBC Sports highlights some film and television contributions to the world of soccer.

This entry looks at the clip that sparked the idea for the series: the opening to the classic Season Nine episode, “The Cartridge Family.”


This Season Nine episode sports, in my opinion, one of the best bits of the entire series. And every four years it makes the rounds at the asylum that is, along with a ton of other places across the globe. In fact, Slate just wrote about it, and revived the clips for internet consumption.

Homer and the family are watching TV when an over-the-top promo for an exhibition soccer game appears. The family heads to what they think will be an exciting match between Mexico and Portugal. What they get, though, is a different story.

A riot happens, as it usually does in The Simpsons when things go awry, and it spreads across the city. The rest of the episode involves Homer buying a gun and joining the NRA. The main plot is pretty good on its own, but it doesn’t come close to the opening setup, which is still being referenced to this day.

Football realism meter

Off the charts. This bit has it all, and even nearly 20 years after it was made, the jokes still land.

There’s the over-processed promo which looks like it could have been made last week. The FIFA-like bag of money handed to “Pele” after his product endorsement. The constant passes to the fullback (holds it…holds it...)  The riot. Angry Scotsman (never a good thing).

And, of course, Pizzoza. You know he’s the best player because his graphic spins.

Below is the legendary promo in all its glory. We at CBC Sports take no responsibility for whatever injuries are inflicted on you when you reference it for the 1,000th time at work.

IMDB reviews

“This is perhaps one of the best Simpson episodes. I might be a bit biased being an NRA member and all.”

This was the first line of the only review in the section. No other comment is needed here.

Final rating

Two Ariagas. And seven thumbs up.