Though 200 million people may disagree with this notion, German players revealed that when they went into the dressing room at halftime of their 7-1 total destruction of Brazil on Tuesday, they made a pact to not “humiliate” the World Cup hosts.

That meant no showboating or any attempt to rub salt in the wounds of a shattered nation. This was probably a good idea considering there were about 58,000 people present who would’ve reacted very poorly to those actions. One of them a man eating a Brazilian flag, as if it were his dinner.

“We just made it clear that we had to stay focused and not try to humiliate them,” Germany defender Mats Hummels told The Mirror. “We said we had to stay serious and concentrate at halftime. That's something you don't have to show on the pitch if you are playing.”

Germany did look like it took the pressure down a few notches in the second half, but even then, with Brazil’s defence in shambles, the Germans still scored two more goals. 

Though ruthless on the pitch, Germany did look sympathetic with its opponents. Many German players consoled the distraught Brazilians after the match. 

The side also released a statement thanking the nation for its hospitality, and sympathizing with its plight. Germany itself suffered a loss in the semifinals as hosts eight years ago. But not by six goals, so there’s that. 

What the note didn’t go on to say, but seemed to imply, was “Please, do not harm us when we play in the final on Sunday.” 

Germany is playing Argentina in the final on Sunday. So Brazilians are faced with the wonderful choice of cheering for their most hated rival, or the team that just delivered possibly the nation’s worst loss in history.