Spain fans shocked by Netherlands humiliation

Football fans in Spain were in shock Saturday after watching the national team's 5-1 humiliation in its World Cup opener against the Netherlands.

Dutch rolled over La Roja 5-1

Spain suffered its worst loss in 64 years at the World Cup against the Netherlands. ( Rooney/Getty Images)

Football fans in Spain were in shock Saturday after watching the national team's 5-1 humiliation in its World Cup opener against the Netherlands.

It was Spain's worst defeat in 64 years and comes after "La Roja" — as the team is nicknamed after its red shirts — had dominated world soccer since 2008 with consecutive European Championships and a World Cup win in South Africa.

"Disaster," said leading newspaper El Pais on Saturday while El Mundo rated the performance a "Humiliation" and La Vanguardia called it "A failure."

City streets, accustomed to noisy celebrations after Spain wins, were eerily quiet after Friday's rout as fans filed silently out of bars.

Some refused to accept it meant the end of an era but others called for the coach to make radical changes.

However, the first-game stumble in the 2010 World Cup was a 1-0 defeat against Switzerland in a meeting where Spain was dominant.

Casllas says he's 'sorry'

Spain's goalkeeper IkerCasillas apologized when questioned by the media about his play. "This is the worst performance of my career," he said. We have to say sorry. Sometimes it’s good for things like this to happen so that you can react but we have to react now.”

Coach Vicente delBosque's side appeared to struggle in the humid heat of Salvador before collapsing altogether in the second half, with captain and goalkeeper IkerCasillas looking disoriented after conceding repeatedly.

The Netherlands had been seen practicing vigorously on the sandy beaches of Rio de Janeiro while Spain had come from playing a friendly against El Salvador in Washington D.C.'s FedEx Stadium to set up camp in Curitiba, where temperatures are around 10 degrees Celsius less than in Salvador, the critics said.

Del Bosque now has until June 18 to address the squad's shortcomings before a must-win match against Chile in Group B.

"We must overcome the next test as athletes," Del Bosque said. "We cannot allow ourselves to sink, we need to look forward."

The coach said he had witnessed "an uplifting conversation" in the dressing room which he described as "good for the team."

Del Bosque acknowledged he had been surprised by the Dutch attack.

"It's not normal, I can't find words," he said, adding that Spain had always managed its defense well, "but today we were weak."


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