Shakira's "Waka Waka" was the theme song of the 2010 World Cup.

Unfortunately for Colombia, the peppy tune was the country's only meaningful contribution to that tournament.
Things will be different in Brazil. Perhaps very different.

"Los Cafeteros" are the eighth ranked team in the world right now. Even with the news that super striker Radamel Falcao will miss out because of injury, Colombia should still be considered a dark horse to compete for the Cup.

The next best-ranked team in the group is Greece, at number 10. Their nickname, "Piratiko" or "The Pirate Ship", seems appropriate given the way they won their only major trophy to date. Greece sailed in to the 2004 Euro Championships in Portugal and stole the tournament by playing defence en masse and capitalizing on set pieces.

Ivory Coast plays with style

If it's beautiful footy you're looking forward to in Group C, Ivory Coast may be the country to provide it. Manchester City midfielder Ya Ya Toure was one of the English Premiership's top performers this season. At 6'3" and more than 200 pounds, he handles the ball in a way seldom seen by a man with such a high centre of gravity.

The Ivorians are a technically capable and physical imposing side.

Meanwhile, Japan is unquestioned in its ability to pass the ball, but winning the ball away from other, bigger teams, has been an achilles heal. That said, a third of their roster plays in Germany's Bundesliga, considered one of the toughest in the world. With a little grit to go with their creativity, the Japanese could be dangerous.

Expect Japan, Colombia and Ivory Coast to fight for the two spots in this group, with Greece possibly the first to get eliminated.

Regehr's pick: Colombia for first. Ivory Coast for second.

Scott Regehr hosts the morning sports on CBC Radio and is providing daily radio reports during the World Cup.