Forgive the cheesy title, but this is a video that will definitely endear you to Brazilian superstar Neymar.

Yes, a young boy did run on to the field during Brazil's practice on Sunday. It's when he was being escorted off the field by security that Neymar quickly stepped into action.

He jogged over and returned with the boy back onto the pitch.

As if that wasn't enough of a thrill, he introduced the boy to his teammates and snapped a few photos that will serve as proof when the boy tells this unbelievable story years from now. 

Maybe the kid knew Neymar would come to the rescue, after all, it's not the first time the phenom has helped a young boy who found himself where he wasn't supposed to be.

Check out this adorable moment from a friendly between Brazil and South Africa in March.

Neymar is a rare talent and his face is everywhere you go in Brazil. His name is spoken in the same breath as superstars like Ronaldo and Romario.

So you can imagine the collective gasp that swept across Brazil when he went down in training today

Luckily he appears to be OK. 

Some think he could be one of the best Brazilians ever and this World Cup is his chance to prove himself. 

The New York Times has named him one of the top three new soccer fashion icons and dubbed him the next David Beckham (in the fashion sense that is).

Neymar's style and charisma has won him millions of fans. 

Today he helped one boy fulfill his dream. His next challenge: helping an entire country fulfill its dream of winning the Word Cup on home soil.