If you watched the Brazil-Mexico match, one moment stands out.

Guillermo Ochoa’s magnificent save on Neymar kept Brazil off the scoresheet. 

Brazil’s Dani Alves whipped in a cross and Neymar laid a perfect header towards the far post, but Ochoa somehow dove to his right and parried the ball off the goal-line.

Naturally, Twitter blew up. There was nearly two million mentions of #Ochoa as he trended worldwide. 

It’s easily one of the great saves of the World Cup, and it has some heady company. Ochoa’s effort was eerily similar to Gordon Banks’ stop on Pele in 1970, widely considered the greatest save in World Cup history.

Both were made off headers to the far post, from nearly the same position, on Brazil, on Brazil's best player of the time, who each wears the No. 10. 

Gordon Banks, Guillermo Ochoa

The question needs to be asked: is Ochoa’s save better?

You can watch the video above to see Ochoa’s amazing stop. Banks’ incredible effort is below. 

Which save is better?

Now it’s your turn. What do you think? Is there a new top save in World Cup history? Or is Banks’ stop still supreme?