Here are five things that will increase your enjoyment and the enjoyment of those around you when you watch the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

1. Country-specific beer

Soccer is international. So is beer. So create your own personal World Cup of beer by sampling drinks from each of the 32 competing countries. Do not do this all at once. Here’s a great guide you can reference for the journey.

2. Team Jersey or Shirt

Wearing a team jersey shows that you care. It also gives cash-strapped soccer federations an extra $100 to add to their billion-dollar reserve. If a jersey is too pricey you will easily be able to find a $10-$20 simple team T-shirt.

3. CBC's World Cup app

You’d think we wouldn’t do some shameless self-promotion, but you’d be giving us too much credit. You can watch all the games live for free (in Canada) with up to eight separate camera angles. The app is available on iOS and Android

4. Car flag

You automatically know how close it is to the World Cup by the number of country car flags you see on the road. Join in the fun by purchasing one of your own. You will also need to own a car for this option to be most effective.  

5. FIFA 14

The best soccer video game in the world is in fine form in its latest version, and it’s the perfect party game during halftime or in between matches. Plus it’s made in Vancouver, so you’re also supporting the Canadian economy.