Soccer players enjoy celebrating goals. It’s as if it was the most important thing they can do on the soccer field (update: it is).

We are only four days into the World Cup and there’s already been some phenomenal and somewhat uncomfortable goal-scoring celebrations on display. Here are some of the best moves we’ve seen.

The “I am crazy and I don’t know where I am”

Jorge Valdivia

Chile’s Jorge Valdivia appeared to have a momentary bout of insanity (justified) after his goal against Australia.

The “Wrecking Ball”

Robin van Persie

Robin van Persie scored an OK goal against Spain, and showed everyone he’s a big fan of the MTV Music Awards and pop stars that are constantly on the verge of a meltdown.

It also inspired a number of tributes, including a very nice flipbook.

The “Happy hour at the club”

Colombia Dance

A very happy Colombia broke out what may or may not have been a fully choreographed dance move after their first goal against Greece.

The “I’m having a baby and I may be a toddler”

Joel Campbell

Joel Campbell scored and immediately got pregnant with a soccer ball and started sucking his thumb like a toddler and now I have no idea what that was.

The “I may cry or throw up I don’t know which”

Miguel Herrera

Mexico manager Miguel Herrera was elated and jumpy when his team broke through against Cameroon.