England World Cup fans are, unsurprisingly, getting merchandise thrown at them in spades during the tournament. And now, these products act as constant reminders for the team’s abject World Cup failure, seen in every corner of the kingdom. 

Except one specific piece of product, which will only spark confusion and probably some disdain.

Any fans of Manchester United defender Chris Smalling and coffee are likely perplexed after purchasing an unofficial World Cup mug sporting the player’s likeness.

What they ended up getting is Barack Obama’s mug on Smalling’s coffee cup.

To clarify, Barack Obama is the President of the United States. He has never been named to England’s World Cup team.

The company who made the mugs hastily unloaded its unshipped stock to clearance resellers Wholesale Clearance UK, according to The Daily Mail. A point must go to Wholesale Clearance for poking fun at the situation in the web description for the item.

All the free press will likely mean the company will make a handsome profit out of this silly situation.