The Court of Arbitration for Sport says former FIFA President Sepp Blatter has filed an appeal to annul his six-year ban from soccer.

Blatter was banned last year after being found guilty of unethical conduct relating to a 2 million Swiss franc ($2 million US) payment by FIFA in 2011 to UEFA President Michel Platini.

An eight-year ban was imposed by FIFA's ethics judge in December, but FIFA's appeal committee reduced it to six years last month.

Platini is also serving a six-year ban and lodged his appeal to CAS last month.

CAS is hoping to deliver its verdict in May, a month before the European Championship in France, Platini's home country.

Blatter's pay revealed

FIFA says it paid Blatter $3.76 million US in 2015, and the governing body reported a loss of $122 million for a year blighted by scandal.

After years of secrecy about presidential pay, FIFA finally revealed Blatter's salary in its latest annual accounts published Thursday.

Blatter, who was suspended on full pay last October and later banned for unethical conduct, had a base salary of $3 million but received no performance bonus in 2015.

FIFA's loss, it's first since 2002, was expected after failing to sign any new World Cup sponsors.

Despite the corruption crisis, FIFA's total income was $1.152 billion in 2015. Expenses of $1.274 billion included spending $61.5 million on "legal matters."

FIFA's reserves fund fell by $183 million to $1.34 billion.