Another Club America player shot

Another Club America player, Juan Carlos Silva, has been shot in the buttocks in a robbery attempt, just a week after teammate Salvador Cabanas was shot in the head in a Mexico City bar.

Juan Carlos Silva, a football player with Club America, has been shot in a robbery attempt just a week after teammate Salvador Cabanas was shot in the head in a Mexico City bar.

Club officials said on Tuesday the 21-year-old Silva was in good condition and said the gunshot wound was not life-threatening.

They said the attack took place on Monday night in Mexico City in a failed attempt to steal Silva's vehicle.

Cabanas was shot in the head in a bar on Jan. 25. He was in stable condition on Tuesday at a Mexico City hospital and has begun to take food by mouth and talk with family members. Doctors have been surprised by his progress from a head wound that is usually fatal.

America spokesman Edwin Victoria said Silva, a midfielder, received a single gunshot wound in the buttocks, but did not offer more details surrounding the attack.

The two attacks appear to be unrelated.

The attack on Cabanas, also a star for Paraguay, took place just before dawn and appears to have grown out of an argument between Cabanas and the main suspect in the shooting, Jose Jorge Balderas Garza. He remains at large.

Widespread reports have suggested Balderas Garza told Cabanas he had not been scoring enough goals for America. The point-blank shooting took place moments later in the bar's toilet.

Though hospital officials said Cabanas was stable and able to talk, the Mexico City attorney general's office said he was not yet in a condition to answer questions about the attack.

"He is stable with normal vital signs and he can speak, but this is not the time nor circumstance" to take a statement," the attorney general said in a statement.

Armed robbery is not uncommon in Mexico City, although gun-related crime is much more common in other places in Mexico. The country has strict gun laws, which make it illegal to carry a weapon without a permit.

Cabanas has played in Mexico since 2003. He was expected to lead Paraguay at the World Cup in South Africa, which opens on June 11.