Lyndon Rush pilots Canada 2 as they push out of the start for the fourth training run at the Whistler Bobsled World Cup race back on Feb. 3. ((Frank Gunn/Canadian Press))

Lyndon Rush won the Canadian four-man bobsleigh championship on Sunday in Whistler, B.C.

Rush, of Sylvan Lake, Alta., along with teammates Robert Gray, Chris Le Bihan and CFL wide receiver Chad Rempel, finished with a two-run time of 1:43.97. Adam Anderson was second in 1:44.74. Jonathon Edwards finished third.

"Usually if I don't have a faster start time than [Pierre] Lueders, I don't stand a chance, but I almost beat him yesterday," Rush said. "It was tough competing on the World Cup in old technology, but this new sled really helps."

Speaking of Lueders, the defending champ pulled out of the race due to technical issues with his sled. 

"With the speeds on the Whistler track you have to be careful. If everything is not set up perfectly you can have some problems," Lueders said. "I thought it was in the best interest of everyone that we don't do another run."

The day before, he won the two-man national title with Edmonton Eskimos star running back Jesse Lumsden as his brakeman.

"I was impressed how he fit into the bobsled community, with his teamwork and how dedicated he is," Lueders said. "He certainly adds more depth to the team."

Lumsden was also a part of his four-man team on Sunday.

With files from the Canadian Press