Riddick Bowe attempting boxing comeback

Former heavyweight boxing champion Riddick Bowe is eyeing a return to the ring after an eight-year absence

Former heavyweight champion Riddick Bowe is scheduled to make a return to the ring after hanging up the gloves in 1996.

Bowe recently completed a 17-month prison term and is scheduled to fight Jeff Lally in Oklahoma on Sept. 25.

Bowe, 37, owns a career record of 40-1, including 32 knockouts.

Lally is a Kentucky clubfighter who's lost nine consecutive bouts by early-round stoppage.

Bowe won his first 31 fights - 29 by knockout - to earn a title shot against Evander Holyfield in November 1992. He defeated Holyfield to become heavyweight champion, but lost the crown to Holyfield the following year.

In his last year in boxing, Bowe won two fights against Andrew Golota by disqualification but suffered a terrible beating in the process. Bowe's speech was noticeably slurred after the second Golota fight.

A silver medalist at the 1988 Olympics, Bowe was released from jail in mid-May after being convicted of kidnapping his first wife and their five children in 1998.

The judge in the trial had barred Bowe from boxing because of possible brain damage, and his own attorneys argued for a lighter sentence because of brain injuries Bowe suffered in his career, a move that the fighter later claimed was a strategic ploy rather than the truth.

In June, Bowe was acquitted of assault charges after his current wife and three other alleged victims when they failed to show up in court.

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