Richmond, B.C. wins bid to build Olympic oval; Burnaby mayor lashes out

Burnaby, B.C. mayor is upset over decision to let Richmond build speed skating oval

The Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee's selection of Richmond, B.C. as the sight of the speed skating oval for the 2010 Winter Games has angered the mayor of Burnaby, whose bid was rejected.

The committee justified its decision by saying Richmond offered to build a larger facility on the Olympic budget of $60-million.

The committee said the proposal to build the oval at Burnaby's Simon Fraser University would have cost $78.6-million.

But Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan said the fix was in for Richmond from the beginning because a group of developers was backing the project in that city.

He also rejected the suggestion SFU faced cost overruns; he said that notion was a "spin" orchestrated by the provincial government to bring in the Richmond bid.

Richmond Mayor Malcolm Brodie insisted the Olympic Committee judged the Richmond and SFU proposals on their merits and made their decision accordingly.