It was a big day for RBC Training Ground athletes in Montreal on Saturday. 

Canada's top athletes between the ages of 14-25 were given the opportunity to showcase their skills and were measured by their speed, power, strength and endurance ... all in front of a panel of coaches.

A trip to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio was on the line for the athlete with the highest performance in these workouts.

So, here it is — the inside scoop at the RBC Training Ground in Montreal:

First things first, the high-level athletes prepared for their big day.

When the games began, Patrice St. Louis crushed the men's triple jump...

But it didn't end there as Tania Bambi set a new women's triple jump record as well.

And in the midst of all the competition, there was always time to make friends. #AthleteGoals

After a long day, when all was said and done, they danced. 

Then, it was the time they'd all been waiting for: Who would be named the RBC Training Ground winner in Montreal?

If you guessed Tania Bambi, you're right. She ended her record-setting day by booking a trip to Rio 2016. 

RBC Training Ground makes its way to the Canadian Sport Institute Ontario in Toronto on March 5th.