Pat Burns offers up inside scoop on Woods

Former NHL head coach Pat Burns offered his take Tuesday on what happened the night Tiger Woods crashed his SUV outside his Florida home.

Former NHL head coach Pat Burns has offered his take on what happened to Tiger Woods on the night the world's best golfer crashed his SUV outside his Florida home.

During his daily interview with CKAC Sports radio Tuesday in Montreal, Burns says he was told by police acquaintances in Florida that Woods's wife, Elin Nordegren, hit her husband with a golf club after reading text messages from another woman on his cellphone.

He says the attack left Woods with a deep cut on the cheek and two missing front teeth.

Burns, who is a former police officer and lives in Florida, says it was at that point that Woods fled for his car, with his wife in pursuit.

Neither Woods nor his wife have spoken publicly about what happened that night.

But the unsubstantiated story of the missing teeth and golf club has made the rounds on the Internet.

Burns said Woods was not immediately available to the police following the incident because he was in Phoenix having emergency dental and plastic surgery.

The Florida Highway Patrol, however, has said Woods had a "fat lip" but no other visible facial injuries when he met with officers four days after the car accident.

More than a dozen women have come forward claiming they've had affairs with the famous athlete, who has two young children with Nordegren.