Wheelchair Curling

Infographic courtesy of Allianz Sponsorship Center

Athlete Quote

Sonja Gaudet – Wheelchair Curling, CanadaIn wheelchair curling – compared to able-bodied curling – we do not sweep. Other than that, the rules are very similar. Wheelchair curling is a sport of strategic intelligence, precision and accuracy, team dynamics and mental focus. The combination of these characteristics leads to success.

The Skip determines the Right Tactic

The team captain, called the skip, determines the tactics and strategy of the game. But all team members jointly discuss how to play the next stone. The objective is to place every stone closer to the center (“tee”) than the other stone from the opposing team.

Playing the Stone

The greatest challenge for every player is to place the stone accurately to the very last millimeter. In wheelchair curling, every stone much be played with the utmost precision since sweeping is not permitted. With the help of so-called “stick” or “extender scope”, the stone can be played out of the wheelchair giving direction and spin to it while a team mate is allowed to stabilize the chair of the player.

The Curling Stone

Curling stones in general are made out of special granite from the Scottish island Ailsa Craig. As the production is expensive, most stones are produced thought a special inlet method. A regular stone weights 19.96kg. Design of an inlet-stone consists of simple granite with High-value granite at the very bottom.