Biathlon - Standing Category

Infographic courtesy of Allianz Sponsorship Center

Athlete Quote

Oleksandra Kononova – Biathlon and cross-country skiing, UkraineBiathlon with only limited use of my right arm is quite tough as I can’t push myself forward like able-bodied athletes can. As there are a lot of athletes with different impairments in one class, a factor system is used to make their results comparable. A respective percentage is applied to each skier’s final time whereas the athlete with the lowest calculated time is the winner.

At the Shooting Range

All biathletes shoot in the prone position. Athletes with one arm/without arms get some assistance. Once in position they receive their rifles from their coaches. In addition, these athletes may use a special rifle support, on which the coach places the weapon.

Special Adjustments on the Rifle

In para-biathlon, the athletes use classical biathlon air rifles. Athletes who are not able to pull the trigger with their fingers may fix any kind of extension (like wires, cords or bars – to be approved by the officials) that allows them to load and shoot unassisted.

Air Rifle Components

  • Rear Sight
  • Magazine
  • Front Sight
  • Trigger
  • Trigger-cable / cord