Braydon Luscombe, para-alpine skiing

Braydon Luscombe was fifth in slalom at the IPC World Cup finals in Sochi in 2013. (Courtesy Canadian Paralympic Committee)

Braydon Luscombe, born in Victoria, has recorded eight top-10 finishes at IPC World Cup and world championship events since his first World Cup season in 2012. He became the men’s Canadian giant slalom champion in 2013.

He had his right leg amputated after contracting necrotizing fasciitis (flesh-eating disease) as a child and competes in the standing category. At last year’s IPC World Cup finals in Sochi, Russia, Luscombe had a promising fifth-place finish in slalom – a confidence booster that the 21-year-old will build on as he enters into his first Paralympic experience as a competing athlete.

Luscombe, who says the athletes he admires most in sport are his fellow competitors and teammates, likes to road cycle in his spare time, and is known on the team for his sense of humour and flowing mullet. He is a talented artist who designs tattoos in sketchbooks that often accompany him on the road.

(Courtesy Canadian Paralympic Committee)