Pan Am Games: Canadian Trail

How Canadian athletes have fared each day at the 2011 Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico.

2011 Pan American Games Medal Standings






1. United States





2. Brazil





3. Cuba583543136

4. Mexico





5. CANADA304049119

Day-by-day Canadian medal winners at the 2011 Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico:

Day 16

  • Canadian men’s rugby sevens team; defeated Argentina in final: won gold

Day 15

  • Ryan Cochrane, Hugues Fournel; men's K2 200-metre kayak: won gold medal
  • Richard Dalton, men's C1 200-metre canoe: won gold, qualified an Olympic spot for Canada in London 2012
  • Mandy Bujold; women’s 51 kg boxing: won gold
  • Philippe Beaudry, Joseph Polossifakis, Vincent Couturier, Anthony Prymack; men's team sabre fencing: won silver
  • Ainsley Switzer, Sherraine Schalm, Daria Jorquera, Sandra Sassine; women’s team epee fencing: won silver
  • Canadian men's water polo: won silver, fail to qualify for London Olympics
  • Emilie Heymans, Jennifer Abel; women's synchronized 3-metre platform diving: won silver
  • Canadian men's field hockey: won silver

Day 14

  • Steven Jorens, Richard Dober; men's K2 1,000-metre kayak: won gold, qualified spot for 2012 Olympics
  • Mary Spencer; women's 75 kg boxing: won gold 
  • Canadian women's water polo: Lost 27-26 in shootout to U.S., won silver
  • Emilie Fournel, K1 500-metre kayak: won silver
  • Mikaela Gerber; women's artistic gymnastics floor exercise: won silver
  • Artistic gymnast Kristina Vaculik; women’s balance beam: won silver
  • Emilie Fournel; women’s K1 500-metre kayak: won silver
  • Anthony Prymack, Etienne Lalonde-Turbide, Nicolas Teisseire; men's team foil fencing: won silver
  • Artistic gymnast Hugh Smith; men's vault: won bronze
  • Philippe Duschesneau, men's K-1 1,000-metre kayak: won bronze
  • Sorin Alexandru; men's -84 kg karate: won bronze
  • Joliane Melancon; women’s -57 kg judo: won bronze
  • Stefanie Tremblay; women’s -63 kg judo: won bronze
  • Nick Tritton; men’s -73 kg judo: won bronze
  • Eric Sehn, Kevin Geyson; men's synchronized diving 10-metre platform: won bronze 

Day 13

  • Canadian women’s soccer team defeats Brazil in penalty kicks: won gold
  • Alanna Goldie, Monica Peterson, Kelleigh Ryan, Sandra Sassine; women’s team foil (fencing): won silver
  • Meaghan Benfeito, Roseline Filion; women’s 10 m diving platform synchro: won silver
  • Richard Dober Jr., Philippe Duschesneau, Steven Jorens and Connor Taras; men’s K4 1,000-metre: won silver
  • Catherine Roberge; women's -78 kg judo: won silver
  • Jennifer Park; women's 10-pin bowling: won silver
  • Tigran Bajgoric, Igor Gantsevich, Vincent Pelletier and Etienne Lalonde-Turbide; men's team epee: won bronze
  • George Kobaladze; men's +105 kg weightlifting: won bronze
  • Olivia Grant; women's +69 kg karate: won bronze
  • Shaun Dhillon; men's +84 kg karate: won bronze
  • Malindi Elmore; women's 1,500 metres: won bronze
  • Caroline Lagrange; women's 10-pin bowlling: won bronze
  • Antoine Valois-Fortier; men's 81 kg judo: won bronze
  • Judoka Alexandre Emond; men's -90 kg judo: won bronze

Day 12

  • Kathleen Fraser, Kristin Gauthier, Alexa Irvin and Una Lounder; women's K4 500-metre: won gold
  • Philippe Beaudry; men's individual sabre: won gold medal
  • Angela Whyte of Edmonton, Alta.; 100-metre hurdles: won silver
  • Kristina Vaculik of Whitby, Ont.; women’s all-around artistic gymnastics: won bronze medal
  • Joseph Polossifakis of Montreal; men's individual sabre: won bronze medal
  • Mian Hussain of Laval, Que.; men’s 69 kg boxing: won bronze medal
  • Meaghan Benfeito of Montreal; women's 10-metre platform: won bronze medal
  • Sandra Bizier of Stoneham, Que.; women's 60 kg boxing: won bronze medal

Day 11

  • Canadian men's baseball defeated the United States 2-1: won gold medal
  • Brody Blair of Pictou, N.S., men's 75 kg boxing: won bronze medal
  • Dylan Armstrong, men's shotput: won gold medal, set Games record of 21.30 m
  • Christine Girard, women's 63 kg weightlifting division: won gold medal, set Games record in total points and in the snatch event

Day 10

  • Sultana Frizell, women's hammer throw: won silver medal
  • Canadian artistic gymnastics, women's team all-around: won silver medal
  • Khetag Pliev, men’s 96 kg men’s freestyle wrestling: won bronze medal
  • Matthew Gentry, men’s 74 kg men’s freestyle wrestling: won bronze medal
  • Monica Peterson, women’s individual foil fencing: won bronze medal

Day 9

  • Jason McClintock, men's water ski slalom, men's water ski tricks: won silver medals in both events.
  • Whitney McClintock, women's water ski tricks: won gold medal.
  • Whitney McClintock, women's water ski slalom: won silver medal.
  • Softball team: won silver medal.
  • Karen Stevens, women's water ski slalom: won bronze medal.
  • Jessica Phoenix, James Atkinson, Hawley Bennett, Rebecca Howard, Serena O’ Hanlon; team eventing: won silver medal.
  • Brent McMahon, men’s triahtlon: won bronze medal.
  • Steven Takahashi, men’s wrestling 55 kg freestyle: won bronze medal.
  • Jeffrey Adamson, men's wrestling 84 kg: won bronze medal.
  • Sunny Dhilla, men's wrestling 120 kg freestyle: won silver medal.

Day 8

  • Richard Weinberger, men’s open water swimming: won gold medal.
  • Carol Huynh, women’s 48 kg division wrestling: won gold medal.
  • Crispin Duenas, men's singles archery: won silver medal.
  • Aaron Rathy, men’s wakeboard: won silver medal.
  • Aaron Rathy, men’s wakeboard competition: won silver medal.
  • Whitney McCLintock, women's overall water ski: won silver medal.
  • Tonya Verbeek, women’s 55 kg division wrestling: won silver medal.
  • Vincent Gagnon, men's racquetball, won bronze medal.
  • Karen Stevens, women's overall water ski: won bronze medal
  • Kristofer Odegard and Timothy Landeryou,  men’s doubles racquetball: won bronze medal

Day 7

  • Samantha Cornett, Miranda Ranieri, Stephanie Edmison; women's team squash: won gold medal.
  • Stephanie Durocher, Jo-Annie Fortin, Stephanie Leclair, Tracy Little, Elise Marcotte, Karine Thomas, Valerie Welsh, Marie-Pier Boudreau-Gagnon; team synchronized swimming: won gold, qualified spot for Canada at 2012 Olympics.
  • Shawn Delierre, Shahier Razik and Andrew Schnell; men’s team squash: won silver medal.
  • Gabrielle Soucisse, Ashley McGregor, Erin Miller and Jennifer Beckberger; women's 4 x 100 m medley relay: captured silver medal.

Day 6

  • Ashley McGregor, women’s 200-metre breaststroke: won gold medal.
  • Grace Gao, Tobias Ng; badminton mixed doubles: won gold medal.
  • Mo Zhang, women’s singles table tennis: won gold, qualified spot for Canada at 2012 Olympics.
  • Élise Marcotte, Marie-Pier Boudreau Gagnon; synchronized swimming duet: won gold, qualified spot for Canada at 2012 Olympics.
  • Michelle Li, Joycelyn Ko; badminton women's singles: Li defeated Ko for gold medal.

Day 5

  • Alexandra Bruce, Michelle Li; women's badminton doubles: won gold medal.
  • Melanie Kok, Elizabeth McCord, Audra Vair, Isolde Penney; women's rowing quadruple sculls: won silver medal.
  • Steven van Knotsenburg, Peter McLelland, Jashua Morris, Ben de Wit, Kai Langerfeld, David Wakulich, Blake Parsons, Spencer Crowley, Mark Laidlaw; men's rowing eight: won silver medal.
  • Joycelyn Ko, and Grace Gao; women's badminton doubles: won bronze.
  • Adrian Liu, Derrick Ng; men's badminton doubles: won bronze.

Day 4

  • Rosannagh MacLennan, women's trampoline: won gold medal.
  • Laura Brown, Jasmin Glaesser, Stephanie Roorda; women's team pursuit cycling: won gold medal.
  • Katrina Cameron, Rose Cossar, Alexandra Landry, Anastasiya Muntyanu, Anjelika Reznik, Kelsey Titmarsh; women's group rhythmic gymnastics: won silver medal.
  • Lindsay Boddez, women's trap shooting: won silver medal.
  • Isolda Penney, women’s rowing single skulls: won bronze medal.
  • Steven Van Knotsenburg and Peter McClelland, men's towing coxless pair: won bronze medal.
  • Terry McKall and Travis King, men's rowing lightweight double sculls: won bronze medal.
  • Mariam Chamilova, rhythmic gymnastics: won bronze medal.
  • François Coulombe, +80 taekwondo division: won bronze medal.

Day 3

  • Melissa Pagnotta, women's taekwondo: won gold medal.
  • Samantha Cornett, women's individual squash: won silver medal.
  • Men’s rowing coxless four: won silver medal.
  • Ashley McGregor, women's 100m breaststroke: won bronze medal.
  • Women’s rhythmic gymnastics (five-ball event): won bronze medal.
  • Miranda Ranieri, women’s individual squash: won bronze medal.
  • Shawn Delierre, men’s individual squash: won bronze medal.
  • Women’s rowing pair: won bronze medal.
  • Women’s rowing double sculls: won bronze medal.

Day 2

  • Equestrian team dressage: won silver medal and qualified for 2012 London Olympics.
  • Women’s rhythmic gymnastics (all-round event): won silver medal.
  • Dorothy Ludwig, women’s 10-metre air pistol: won gold medal and qualified for 2012 London Olympics.
  • Miranda Ranieri and Stephanie Edmison, women's doubles squash: won bronze medal.
  • Laura Brown, women’s cycling (time trial): won bronze medal.

Day 1

  • Ivett Gonda, women’s taekwondo (under-49 kg): won gold medal.
  • Max Plaxton, men’s mountain bike: won silver medal.
  • Amanda Sin, women’s mountain bike: won bronze medal.
  • Women’s 4x100-metre swim relay team: won bronze medal.
  • Melanie McCann, women’s modern pentathlon:  finished 4th and qualified for 2012 London Olympics.