2011 Pan American Games Medal Standings






1. United States





2. Brazil





3. Cuba 58 35 43 136

4. Mexico





5. CANADA 30 40 49 119

Day-by-day Canadian medal winners at the 2011 Pan American Games in Guadalajara, Mexico:

Day 16

  • Canadian men’s rugby sevens team; defeated Argentina in final: won gold

Day 15

  • Ryan Cochrane, Hugues Fournel; men's K2 200-metre kayak: won gold medal
  • Richard Dalton, men's C1 200-metre canoe: won gold, qualified an Olympic spot for Canada in London 2012
  • Mandy Bujold; women’s 51 kg boxing: won gold
  • Philippe Beaudry, Joseph Polossifakis, Vincent Couturier, Anthony Prymack; men's team sabre fencing: won silver
  • Ainsley Switzer, Sherraine Schalm, Daria Jorquera, Sandra Sassine; women’s team epee fencing: won silver
  • Canadian men's water polo: won silver, fail to qualify for London Olympics
  • Emilie Heymans, Jennifer Abel; women's synchronized 3-metre platform diving: won silver
  • Canadian men's field hockey: won silver

Day 14

  • Steven Jorens, Richard Dober; men's K2 1,000-metre kayak: won gold, qualified spot for 2012 Olympics
  • Mary Spencer; women's 75 kg boxing: won gold 
  • Canadian women's water polo: Lost 27-26 in shootout to U.S., won silver
  • Emilie Fournel, K1 500-metre kayak: won silver
  • Mikaela Gerber; women's artistic gymnastics floor exercise: won silver
  • Artistic gymnast Kristina Vaculik; women’s balance beam: won silver
  • Emilie Fournel; women’s K1 500-metre kayak: won silver
  • Anthony Prymack, Etienne Lalonde-Turbide, Nicolas Teisseire; men's team foil fencing: won silver
  • Artistic gymnast Hugh Smith; men's vault: won bronze
  • Philippe Duschesneau, men's K-1 1,000-metre kayak: won bronze
  • Sorin Alexandru; men's -84 kg karate: won bronze
  • Joliane Melancon; women’s -57 kg judo: won bronze
  • Stefanie Tremblay; women’s -63 kg judo: won bronze
  • Nick Tritton; men’s -73 kg judo: won bronze
  • Eric Sehn, Kevin Geyson; men's synchronized diving 10-metre platform: won bronze 

Day 13

  • Canadian women’s soccer team defeats Brazil in penalty kicks: won gold
  • Alanna Goldie, Monica Peterson, Kelleigh Ryan, Sandra Sassine; women’s team foil (fencing): won silver
  • Meaghan Benfeito, Roseline Filion; women’s 10 m diving platform synchro: won silver
  • Richard Dober Jr., Philippe Duschesneau, Steven Jorens and Connor Taras; men’s K4 1,000-metre: won silver
  • Catherine Roberge; women's -78 kg judo: won silver
  • Jennifer Park; women's 10-pin bowling: won silver
  • Tigran Bajgoric, Igor Gantsevich, Vincent Pelletier and Etienne Lalonde-Turbide; men's team epee: won bronze
  • George Kobaladze; men's +105 kg weightlifting: won bronze
  • Olivia Grant; women's +69 kg karate: won bronze
  • Shaun Dhillon; men's +84 kg karate: won bronze
  • Malindi Elmore; women's 1,500 metres: won bronze
  • Caroline Lagrange; women's 10-pin bowlling: won bronze
  • Antoine Valois-Fortier; men's 81 kg judo: won bronze
  • Judoka Alexandre Emond; men's -90 kg judo: won bronze

Day 12

  • Kathleen Fraser, Kristin Gauthier, Alexa Irvin and Una Lounder; women's K4 500-metre: won gold
  • Philippe Beaudry; men's individual sabre: won gold medal
  • Angela Whyte of Edmonton, Alta.; 100-metre hurdles: won silver
  • Kristina Vaculik of Whitby, Ont.; women’s all-around artistic gymnastics: won bronze medal
  • Joseph Polossifakis of Montreal; men's individual sabre: won bronze medal
  • Mian Hussain of Laval, Que.; men’s 69 kg boxing: won bronze medal
  • Meaghan Benfeito of Montreal; women's 10-metre platform: won bronze medal
  • Sandra Bizier of Stoneham, Que.; women's 60 kg boxing: won bronze medal

Day 11

  • Canadian men's baseball defeated the United States 2-1: won gold medal
  • Brody Blair of Pictou, N.S., men's 75 kg boxing: won bronze medal
  • Dylan Armstrong, men's shotput: won gold medal, set Games record of 21.30 m
  • Christine Girard, women's 63 kg weightlifting division: won gold medal, set Games record in total points and in the snatch event

Day 10

  • Sultana Frizell, women's hammer throw: won silver medal
  • Canadian artistic gymnastics, women's team all-around: won silver medal
  • Khetag Pliev, men’s 96 kg men’s freestyle wrestling: won bronze medal
  • Matthew Gentry, men’s 74 kg men’s freestyle wrestling: won bronze medal
  • Monica Peterson, women’s individual foil fencing: won bronze medal

Day 9

  • Jason McClintock, men's water ski slalom, men's water ski tricks: won silver medals in both events.
  • Whitney McClintock, women's water ski tricks: won gold medal.
  • Whitney McClintock, women's water ski slalom: won silver medal.
  • Softball team: won silver medal.
  • Karen Stevens, women's water ski slalom: won bronze medal.
  • Jessica Phoenix, James Atkinson, Hawley Bennett, Rebecca Howard, Serena O’ Hanlon; team eventing: won silver medal.
  • Brent McMahon, men’s triahtlon: won bronze medal.
  • Steven Takahashi, men’s wrestling 55 kg freestyle: won bronze medal.
  • Jeffrey Adamson, men's wrestling 84 kg: won bronze medal.
  • Sunny Dhilla, men's wrestling 120 kg freestyle: won silver medal.

Day 8

  • Richard Weinberger, men’s open water swimming: won gold medal.
  • Carol Huynh, women’s 48 kg division wrestling: won gold medal.
  • Crispin Duenas, men's singles archery: won silver medal.
  • Aaron Rathy, men’s wakeboard: won silver medal.
  • Aaron Rathy, men’s wakeboard competition: won silver medal.
  • Whitney McCLintock, women's overall water ski: won silver medal.
  • Tonya Verbeek, women’s 55 kg division wrestling: won silver medal.
  • Vincent Gagnon, men's racquetball, won bronze medal.
  • Karen Stevens, women's overall water ski: won bronze medal
  • Kristofer Odegard and Timothy Landeryou,  men’s doubles racquetball: won bronze medal

Day 7

  • Samantha Cornett, Miranda Ranieri, Stephanie Edmison; women's team squash: won gold medal.
  • Stephanie Durocher, Jo-Annie Fortin, Stephanie Leclair, Tracy Little, Elise Marcotte, Karine Thomas, Valerie Welsh, Marie-Pier Boudreau-Gagnon; team synchronized swimming: won gold, qualified spot for Canada at 2012 Olympics.
  • Shawn Delierre, Shahier Razik and Andrew Schnell; men’s team squash: won silver medal.
  • Gabrielle Soucisse, Ashley McGregor, Erin Miller and Jennifer Beckberger; women's 4 x 100 m medley relay: captured silver medal.

Day 6

  • Ashley McGregor, women’s 200-metre breaststroke: won gold medal.
  • Grace Gao, Tobias Ng; badminton mixed doubles: won gold medal.
  • Mo Zhang, women’s singles table tennis: won gold, qualified spot for Canada at 2012 Olympics.
  • Élise Marcotte, Marie-Pier Boudreau Gagnon; synchronized swimming duet: won gold, qualified spot for Canada at 2012 Olympics.
  • Michelle Li, Joycelyn Ko; badminton women's singles: Li defeated Ko for gold medal.

Day 5

  • Alexandra Bruce, Michelle Li; women's badminton doubles: won gold medal.
  • Melanie Kok, Elizabeth McCord, Audra Vair, Isolde Penney; women's rowing quadruple sculls: won silver medal.
  • Steven van Knotsenburg, Peter McLelland, Jashua Morris, Ben de Wit, Kai Langerfeld, David Wakulich, Blake Parsons, Spencer Crowley, Mark Laidlaw; men's rowing eight: won silver medal.
  • Joycelyn Ko, and Grace Gao; women's badminton doubles: won bronze.
  • Adrian Liu, Derrick Ng; men's badminton doubles: won bronze.

Day 4

  • Rosannagh MacLennan, women's trampoline: won gold medal.
  • Laura Brown, Jasmin Glaesser, Stephanie Roorda; women's team pursuit cycling: won gold medal.
  • Katrina Cameron, Rose Cossar, Alexandra Landry, Anastasiya Muntyanu, Anjelika Reznik, Kelsey Titmarsh; women's group rhythmic gymnastics: won silver medal.
  • Lindsay Boddez, women's trap shooting: won silver medal.
  • Isolda Penney, women’s rowing single skulls: won bronze medal.
  • Steven Van Knotsenburg and Peter McClelland, men's towing coxless pair: won bronze medal.
  • Terry McKall and Travis King, men's rowing lightweight double sculls: won bronze medal.
  • Mariam Chamilova, rhythmic gymnastics: won bronze medal.
  • François Coulombe, +80 taekwondo division: won bronze medal.

Day 3

  • Melissa Pagnotta, women's taekwondo: won gold medal.
  • Samantha Cornett, women's individual squash: won silver medal.
  • Men’s rowing coxless four: won silver medal.
  • Ashley McGregor, women's 100m breaststroke: won bronze medal.
  • Women’s rhythmic gymnastics (five-ball event): won bronze medal.
  • Miranda Ranieri, women’s individual squash: won bronze medal.
  • Shawn Delierre, men’s individual squash: won bronze medal.
  • Women’s rowing pair: won bronze medal.
  • Women’s rowing double sculls: won bronze medal.

Day 2

  • Equestrian team dressage: won silver medal and qualified for 2012 London Olympics.
  • Women’s rhythmic gymnastics (all-round event): won silver medal.
  • Dorothy Ludwig, women’s 10-metre air pistol: won gold medal and qualified for 2012 London Olympics.
  • Miranda Ranieri and Stephanie Edmison, women's doubles squash: won bronze medal.
  • Laura Brown, women’s cycling (time trial): won bronze medal.

Day 1

  • Ivett Gonda, women’s taekwondo (under-49 kg): won gold medal.
  • Max Plaxton, men’s mountain bike: won silver medal.
  • Amanda Sin, women’s mountain bike: won bronze medal.
  • Women’s 4x100-metre swim relay team: won bronze medal.
  • Melanie McCann, women’s modern pentathlon:  finished 4th and qualified for 2012 London Olympics.