There's an exciting scene at Boston's Fenway Park this week, and it has nothing to do with baseball.

A 140-foot ski jump was built inside the Red Sox' iconic stadium for this weekend's FIS World Cup Big Air event, complete with an elevator to take skiers and snowboarders to the top.

To give you some perspective, the 14-story structure is three times higher than the Green Monster — the famous 37-foot-tall wall in left-field. 

Skiers and snowboarders will approach the 14-foot jump at speeds approaching 65 kilometres per hour. They'll clear the 70-foot gap to land near the spot where home-plate will be in a few months when baseball season arrives.

Canadian snowboarder and X Games gold medallist Max Parrot will be competing in the event, representing Canada amongst other Olympic and world champions.

You can watch the finalists jump at Fenway for the $150,000 US grand prize live on and the CBC Sports app on Saturday at noon ET.

Parrot will also be competing in the FIS snowboard World Cup event in Quebec City on Saturday night (, CBC Sports app, 8:30 p.m. ET). He even had a hand in designing the structure.