Joannie Rochette wipes away tears after receiving her bronze medal at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver. ((Amy Sancetta/Associated Press))

Joannie Rochette remains unsure about her figure skating future.

The 2010 Olympic bronze medallist was the honorary drawmaster Thursday at the $500,000 Woodbine Oaks.

Rochette, 24, of Ile Dupas, Que., said she's hoping to continue skating for the next four years but remains undecided at what level.

"I don't know if it will be amateur or professionally," Rochette said.

Rochette captured the hearts of skating fans all over the world in February when she won her bronze medal in Vancouver less than a week after her mother Therese died of a heart attack. She then carried the Canadian flag at the closing ceremony.

Rochette skipped the world figure skating championships in Turin, Italy, saying she wasn't prepared emotionally or physically to compete. But she did return to skating, taking part in a "Stars on Ice" tour.

Rochette re-iterated she's still considering whether to return to competitive skating, although she's enjoying her newfound celebrity.

"It's different to be recognized on the streets of Montreal openly. It's great," she said. "Just for example, I was walking in the street the other day, I started to pet a cat.

"The owner of the cat came out and says, 'This is Joannie Rochette, let's take a picture.' At the same time it's very great.

People are nice and respect my private life, too."