Mylene Brodeur, left, and John Mattatall finished fourth at this year's Canadian championships. They won the bronze medal in 2009. ((Jonathan Hayward/Canadian Press))

Canadian pairs skaters Mylene Brodeur and John Mattatall have decided to retire from competing after a five-year partnership.

The 23-year-old Brodeur, from Stanbridge-Station, Que., and Mattatall, 28, from Wallace, N.S., won bronze at the Canadian championships in 2009 and were members of the national team until their retirement.

They finished fourth at this year's Canadian championships.

"I would like to thank my partner Mylene for letting me into her life and allowing me to share all the great experiences with her," Mattatall said. "She was simply a pleasure to work with."

Brodeur and Mattatall both skated singles and Mattatall competed in pair with other partners before they teamed up in 2006.

"We are hanging up the blades after five great and unforgettable years together," Brodeur said in a release. "I would like to thank John for so many things. First of all, for being the one who gave me a chance to get into pairs skating and live all these incredible experiences."

Both plan to return to school. Mattatall will also continue to coach skating.