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Patrick Chan says an injury that has delayed the start of his figure-skating season is not going to keep him from the goal of adding a quad jump to his repertoire.

The young Canadian champion, who has a slight tear in his left calf muscle, said the big element is still very much in his plans.

"Right now, the plan is to have the quad," he told CBC Sports on Saturday afternoon. "I'm not going to lie. I'm going to still keep training [the quad] every day, when my body allows me to."

Chan, 18, who won the silver medal at the world championships last spring, believes he picked up a strain of H1N1 flu on a plane trip to Vancouver that weakened him and made the injury possible.

That self-diagnosis has not been confirmed. It has, however, delayed preparation for his chance at becoming the first Canadian male to win gold in Olympic figure-skating, with the 2010 Games set for next February in Vancouver.

"I have the two triple Axels in the program, but they're getting more comfortable with me," he said. "Each year, each month it gets better and better."

Brian Joubert of France has been critical of Chan in the past year for not having a quad in his program, even though the Canadian finished in front of the world bronze medallist last spring.

Whether adding the quad is in response to Joubert, Chan won't say, but he was certain on Saturday that his injury was not going to put off training too long, something he expects to begin again full-time in five days.

The few days off have been nice. Especially after the long grind at his summer training base in Florida.

"To finally be able to sleep in my own bed and to see my friends is great," Chan said. "It was something I needed, so in a way [the injury] was a blessing in disguise."