Glenn Howard crushed Greg Balsdon to win his sixth consecutive title at the Ontario men's curling championship Sunday in Grimsby, Ont.

The Coldwater native opened a 3-0 lead in the first end and cruised to a 10-3 victory over Balsdon in eight ends to qualify for a sixth consecutive Brier.

"We're always solid and we've been able to come up with the big win when we have to — whether it's the one-two game or the final, and that just goes to show you the team is pretty darned good," Howard said.

"That's the key to our success. We generally don't play badly very often. We are usually really good or solid. And if you don't have many peaks and valleys, you usually do well in a long event like this."

An added bonus to winning the Ontario crown is that Howard and his rink will get to compete for the Brier in their home province, with the tournament getting underway in London next month.

"I'm pretty sure that most of the crowd will be going for us. I love that, it gets the adrenaline going, it gets you pumped up," he said.

"It's almost like an extra two points on the scoreboard. I couldn't be happier that it's in Ontario, and especially London. I think it's going to be one of the best Briers ever."

Howard had advanced to the final after beating Peter Corner of Brampton 11-5 in a 1-2 Page playoff.

Both rinks were tied at the top of the round robin with 8-2 records.

Toronto's Balsdon moved into the final after defeating Corner 9-4 in a semifinal Sunday morning.

His luck ran out quickly against Howard, who scored four in the fifth end to put Balsdon away.