Hall of Famer Colleen Jones of Halifax, one of Canada's most decorated curlers with two world and 15 provincial titles, says the curling season is likely over for her after her experience with bacterial meningitis. ((Jack Mikrut/Getty Images))

Two-time world champion curler and CBC Television personality Colleen Jones is recovering in a Halifax hospital from a bout of bacterial meningitis.

Jones, 50, fell ill on Saturday and raced to the hospital, where doctors promptly diagnosed her condition.

"One second I was just perfectly normal … and then the next thing [I had] a blinding headache and neck pain," Jones told CBC News Network. "Luckily, the emergency room doctors recognized it and got me on the right drugs.

"It's going really well."

Jones, who is still in hospital, said she'll likely undergo surgery to repair what doctors think may be a leak of cerebrospinal fluid, which allowed the bacteria into her brain.

"I figure that's like a plumbing problem where they fix the leak and get it done," Jones said. "I marvel."

Bacterial meningitis can cause serious damage to the brain and can be fatal up to 15 per cent of the time.

Jones was supposed to begin play Friday in the provincial women's curling playdowns in Greenwood in a bid for a 16th Nova Scotia women's title, but now she doesn't expect to curl again this season.

"I would think the curling season might be out," Jones said. "That would be optimistic to think I might be able to play in the provincials to get back to the Canadians."

Jones's illness came to light on the day she was named to the Canada Games Hall of Honour along with Olympic speedskater Catriona LeMay Doan and builders Guy Rousseau and Jim Morell.

Jones, who earned Canada Games silver in 1979 in Brandon, Man., will be inducted at a ceremony Feb. 10 on the eve of this winter's Canada Games in Halifax.

She is already a member of the Canadian Curling Hall of Fame.

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