Canada's Chelsea Carey took advantage of a series of mistakes by Finland's Oona Kauste for a 7-1 win in seven ends on Wednesday in Draw 14 of the women's curling world championship.

Carey (7-2) rebounded from a frustrating 8-7 loss to South Korea's Ji Sun Kim in the afternoon draw. Looking for a simple takeout in the 10th, Carey threw through the house with South Korea sitting two, sealing Canada's loss.

Carey opened with a deuce in the first end, then Canada stole a point in the second when Finland (1-8) rolled out on a hit attempt for a 3-0 lead. Kauste threw a blank in the third to maintain the Canadian advantage.

Finland gave up another steal in the fourth, handing Canada a 4-0 lead. Kauste came up short on a draw in the fifth end, giving Canada a steal of one.

Kauste misfired again on her second-last rock of the sixth end, sailing her throw between two pairs of Canadian rocks. Holding the hammer, she could only whittle that down to two on her last throw for a 7-0 Canadian lead.

Finland scored its lone point in the seventh end before offering handshakes to Carey and her Calgary-based rink.