Nash Scott wore a T-shirt saying "My mom has game." Kelly Scott had plenty of it Friday night.   

Her British Columbia team is in Sunday's final of the Canadian women's curling championship after beating four-time champion Jennifer Jones 7-5 in a playoff game between the top two seeds.   

Scott will play in her first final since 2007 when she won her second in a row.   

"It's been a few years since we've been in this position, but it somehow feels like yesterday when we were right there," Scott said. "We're embracing it. We love it."   

Scott had the better read of the ice than Jones for the first five ends. The entire B.C. team had better draw weight in the first half and parlayed that into a 5-2 lead at the halfway mark.   

Jones, a four-time national champion, must win Saturday's semifinal to gain a rematch.   

The Winnipeg team will take on the winner of the game between third seed Marie-France Larouche of Quebec and fourth seed Heather Nedohin of Alberta earlier Saturday.   

"We need to be a little bit sharper. We caught onto the ice in the second half," Jones said. "It's never a bad thing to be on the ice. We get to play and it's fun. If you win, you've got some momentum heading into the final."   

Sasha Carter, who throws third stones, was a member of Scott's championship teams of 2006-07, but lead Jacquie Armstrong and vice-skip Dailene Sivertson are new to the team since then.   

Jones picked up her game in the back half, but third Kaitlyn Lawes and second Jill Officer continued to get outcurled by B.C. counterparts Carter and Sivertson.   

"Our team came to play today. They had their game faces on, great focus and concentration," Scott said. "We were fortunate to get that steal of two."   

Carter is four months pregnant and suffered with a stomach ailment earlier in the tournament. She needed fluids replaced intravenously Wednesday. Her execution on key shots during the game gave Scott the chance to put pressure on the Manitobans.   

"A few big games in the past we've probably gone out and been nervous and hesitant, but you could tell that Kelly was confident in what she was calling and confident in what we were going to throw," Carter said. "We were excited. We weren't nervous. We're kind of past the point of being nervous now."   

Sivertson, 21, joined the Scott team this season out of the junior ranks. Scott needed a replacement for regular third Jeanna Schraeder, who stepped away from curling to have a child.   

"It hasn't quite sunk in yet," Sivertson. "It was a bit of a battle out there, but just so excited. It's something I've dreamed about for a long time. To come right out of juniors and make it to the final is amazing."   

The curling history between Jones and Scott goes back to the mid-1990s when they were Manitoba junior champions in 1994 and 1995 respectively. As a B.C. curler, Scott beat Jones for her first women's title in 2006.   

Jones wasn't able to construct a multiple point end in the ninth and drew for just one. Scott was up a point coming home with the hammer and had a draw to the eight foot to get the win.   

Carter's raise double takeout to lay one in the eighth end took the pressure off B.C. Scott drew for one in that end to lead 6-4.   

Manitoba gave up a key steal of two in the fifth to give B.C. a 5-2 lead at the halfway mark. But Jones scored one in the sixth and stole one back in the seven to pull within one.   

Scott was heavy on a draw against two Manitoba counters in the seventh to give up the steal. Jones had an open hit for her one in six.   

B.C.'s Carter, who throws third stones, had a "happy miss" on a takeout attempt in the fifth, with her shooter glancing off a pair of stones and rolling to the four-foot rings behind cover. Manitoba third Kaitlyn Lawes was light on a draw around a guard, allowing Scott to draw in and lie three.   

Jones's attempted double takeout removed only one, allowing Scott to lie three again. There was a triple takeout there for Jones on her final shot, but again got only one and her shooter rolled wide   

Scott scored the first deuce of the game in the fourth. Jones attempted a wide double takeout and got only one, leaving Scott a draw for two with the hammer.   

Manitoba and B.C. traded single points in the first two ends with both skips making pressure draws against opposition counters in the rings.   

Scott said she was surprised by the slogan on her three-year-old's son T-shirt.   

"I love seeing him out there in the crowd," she said. "It just kind of makes you take a deep breath and really want to play well out there."