Amateur curler Ron Trottier lines up for a try at a million dollars on Sunday in Winnipeg. ((CBC Sports) )

Ron Trottier of Osoyoos, B.C., didn't become an instant millionaire on Sunday afternoon, but made $10,000 with a well-placed shot at the Canadian Open curling final in Winnipeg.

Trottier was the finalist for the Capital One Million Dollar Button contest. His shot came tantalizingly close to the button, but skidded just long, catching part of the 8-foot to earn him his cash prize.

Trottier, holding his winning cheque, told CBC Sports it was an exciting experience.

"I'm just holding on to this for another five minutes until my wife gets it," he said.

Trottier, who has been curling for 25 years, entered the contest online last year and then beat five other curlers Saturday in the semifinals, giving him one chance at the $1 million. He placed his rock about 90 centimetres from the pin.

He lives with his wife Louise in Osoyoos, his home for the past 20 years. He was born and raised in Kapuskasing, Ont.

The money-making bid came after four ends of the final between Edmonton's Kevin Martin and Russ Howard of Coldwater, Ont.

Howard, who won 8-4, had some simple advice for Trottier, who said beforehand he just hoped he wouldn't fall over from nerves.

"As they said in the movie Bull Durham, clear the mechanism and just concentrate," Howard said.