Canada's Sophiane Methot scored a bronze medal with a personal best at the trampoline and tumbling world championships in Bulgaria on Sunday. 

Methot, from La Prairie, Que., scored 55.490 in women's individual trampoline to find the podium at her first-ever appearance at the world championships.

"My goal was to do top 15," Methot said. "So to go [to the finals] and finish third... I wasn't really expecting it, so I'm really happy. 

"I'm floating, I [didn't] realize that I finished third at my first world championship."

Tatsiana Piatrenia of Belarus won gold, scoring 56.075. Japan's Ayano Kishi won silver, just 0.250 ahead of Methot. 

Methot qualified for the final in 14th place, so climbing all the way to third was an unexpected accomplishment. 

"It's really great, I don't even know what to say, it's just incredible," said Methot's coach Karina Kosko. "This was beyond our expectations, we were hoping she would make the semi-finals and maybe advance to the finals but for her to make the podium is very exciting."

Methot also placed fifth earlier in the weekend in the synchronized and team trampoline events.