American sprinter and silver medallist Richard Browne is recovering at home following a serious car crash in Florida earlier this week that hasn't diminished his aspirations of competing at the Rio Paralympic Games in September.

The 24-year-old broke ribs and suffered a concussion when his car was hit by a truck. He was released from hospital following a two-night stay.

"Richard is badly shaken up and in a lot of pain but he was very lucky," his manager Ian Byers said in a statement. "Doctors have advised that he should rest for three weeks, which will impact on his winter training and may mean that we have to review his early-season race plans."

Byers added he is confident Browne will return to full health and be ready to challenge for a spot on the U.S. team in the 200 metres and contend for a pair of gold medals in Brazil.

Browne tore his right leg when crashing through a glass door in 2007 and endured 13 surgeries before opting for amputation over constant pain three years later.

Browne, who has a personal best of 21.27 seconds in the 200, won a Paralympic silver medal in 2012 in London.

A year later, he competed in an able-bodied indoor 60m race at the Millrose Games.

The Paralympic Games run Sept. 7-18.