Road To The Olympic Games


Greatness abounds as Canadians smash country's Paralympic medal record

The Canadian Paralympic Committee's slogan coming into Pyeongchang was "Greatness is Rare" - but for 10 days in South Korea, Canada's 55 athletes, the largest winter delegation ever, proved greatness was abundant.

The Very Best of the 2018 Olympics, And Then Some (by the Arkells)

Take a look back at the best moments of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games and celebrate, one more time, the ups and downs of 16 days of the 2018 Olympic Winter Games, set to “And Then Some” by Arkells.

Tessa and Scott: Two decades of magic

A look back at Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir's figure skating legacy, set to Jim Cuddy's "Pull Me Through".​

Farewell to Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir

A look back on the final Olympic Games for Canadian figure skating legends Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir.

The 2018 Olympics were a big win for Canada

Despite some painful misses in the country's signature sports, the 2018 Winter Games will go down as a resounding victory for the Canadian Olympic team.

Watch Best of 10: Olympic Moments

Join hosts Signa Butler and Rob Pizzo for Best of 10, a countdown of some of the greatest moments and stories in Canadian high-performance sports history.

Light on the Olympics: Images from the Winter Games

CBC photographer Kevin Light has spent that past 16 days in frigid temperatures standing on mountainsides, along luge and bobsleigh tracks and inside arenas to capture some compelling images of Olympic competition.

IOC reinstates Russia's Olympic membership despite failed doping tests

Russia's ban from the Olympic movement was lifted on Wednesday despite two failed doping tests by its athletes at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.

IOC president says Calgary has a good case to host 2026 Olympic Games

IOC President Thomas Bach said Calgary has a strong case for hosting the 2026 games.

Watch Best of 10: Skis & Boards

Join hosts Signa Butler and Rob Pizzo for Best of 10, a countdown of some of the greatest moments and stories in Canadian high-performance sports history.

Martin Brodeur wants that golden feeling again

Martin Brodeur says the gold medal he won in 2002 means as much to him as his three Stanley Cups. Now the future Hall of Fame goalie is chasing another Olympic title — this time as an executive with Team Canada.

Flag-bearer curse? Not in the Winter Olympics

The honour of being named an Olympic flag-bearer can also come with additional pressure. But seven of the past 10 Canadians to lead their teammates into the opening ceremony went on to earn medals, including five gold.

Natalie Spooner willing to do dirty work needed to win hockey gold

Natalie Spooner has the size, speed and tenacity to be a star. She can score goals and her defensive game is rounding out. The trick for the 27-year-old is to find the consistency that will make her a star.

Battle of the Brians: Inside the epic Olympic skating duel

The famous Canada-U.S. figure skating showdown at the 1988 Calgary Games turned on the slimmest of margins — and changed both men forever.

1994 showed Olympic hockey can be great without the NHL

Future Hall of Famers. An upstart Canadian team. An iconic shootout goal. The 1994 Olympics proved you don't always need NHL players to get a riveting men's hockey tournament.