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Vote: Who can overcome their bad Grand Prix outing?

Of these three figure skating world championship medallists, who is most likely to put their "bad day at the Grand Prix office" behind them by the end of the season?
Artur Gashinski, left, the Shibutani siblings, centre, and Alena Leonova have all had disappointing showings this Grand Prix season. (Reuters)

It used to be that once a figure skater hit the podium at the world championships, it meant that they were there to stay. Not so much anymore.

Of the following three world championship medallists, whose "bad day at the Grand Prix office" will be the easiest to overcome by the end of the season?

Is it Artur Gachinski, the 2011 world men’s bronze medallist who placed ninth at Skate Canada and seventh last weekend in Moscow? Or Maia and Alex Shibutani, the 2011 ice dance bronze medallists who finished fourth in Moscow? Or Alena Leonova, the 2012 ladies silver medallist who finished seventh at Skate America and sixth in Moscow?

Cast your vote!

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