Road To The Olympic Games

Juliette Wheler

Juliette Wheler has been speed skating for 11 years and is working on improving her technique every day.
Petro Canada Faces of Tomorrow - Juliette Wheler 2:29

National Sport Federation: Speed Skating Canada 

Sport Discipline: Long Track

Event: 500m, 1000m

Hometown: Saskatoon, SK

Date of Birth: 06-Dec-97

Coach: Tim Comfort

Twitter Handle: @juliettewheler

"My dream is to medal at the Olympic Games one day."

What are your short term goals?

"This year, I hope to make the Junior National team for the 3rd time and go on to get a top 8 at the Junior World Championships in Changchun, China."

What is the best thing about your sport?

"There are several aspects that are key to the sport. Having impeccable technique, as well as strong fitness and ability to push yourself to the limit. I love the fact that you need to be strong in every area to put on a good performance."

What is special about your coach?

"My coach is extremely passionate for the sport and all of his skaters. He has firsthand experience as a high caliber speed skater and it reflects in his coaching.  He is very dedicated to his skaters."