The International Boxing Federation has ordered a rematch of Abner Mares' bantamweight title victory over Joseph Agbeko last Saturday.

Mares won a narrow majority-decision victory, but also threw several apparently low blows that went unpenalized by referee Russell Mora. Agbeko also lost a key point when Mora ruled he was knocked down by what appeared to be a punch to Agbeko's groin.

The order by IBF president Daryl J. Peoples claims that "inappropriate conduct by the referee affected the outcome of the fight."

Agbeko promoter Don King praised the IBF's order for a rematch in the next four months. Mares will be stripped of his title if he declines the rematch, and Agbeko would fight another challenger.

Mares' manager, Frank Espinoza, and Golden Boy Promotions haven't commented on the IBF's order.