YOUR VIEW: What was Sakic's greatest achievement?

What moment in Joe Sakic's career will you remember most?

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By any measure you use, Joe Sakic's hockey career is among the best in history. Now it's time to have your say. What moment in his career will you remember most?

Is it his dream Stanley Cup run in 1996, where he won the Conn Smythe award and brought a title to Colorado in the team's first season in the Rockies?

Or is it his NHL-record eight playoff OT goals?

Maybe it's his 2000-01 season, where he captured the Art Ross, Lady Byng, and Lester B. Pearson awards after winning another Stanley Cup — and memorably passing it right over to veteran Ray Bourque?

Perhaps it's when he brought an entire nation to its feet. His breakaway goal on U.S. netminder Mike Richter at the 2002 Olympics is the lasting moment of that tournament. Sakic had a four-point night and won the tournament MVP trophy on the way to leading Canada to its first men's hockey gold in 50 years.

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