Phil Kessel of the Toronto Maple Leafs, left, watches Ottawa defenceman and fellow NHL all-star Erik Karlsson battle along the boards. ((Phillip MacCallum/Getty Images))

The 42 players selected for the NHL all-star game on Jan. 30 in Raleigh are now official.

Which of the selections is the least deserving?

It's no secret that the Canadian NHL teams are struggling. Were the playoffs to begin today, only two Canadian representatives would be present, and the Montreal Canadiens aren't exactly free and clear in the Eastern Conference.

There are at least three debatable all-star picks from Canadian clubs.

Is the most contentious Phil Kessel of the Toronto Maple Leafs, who disappeared for much of December? Or does he get a pass because he's been mostly playing with a No. 1 centre in name only, a young guy (Tyler Bozak) who's still learning the ropes?

Erik Karlsson of the Ottawa Senators shows a lot of promise, but isn't his selection a little premature? Karlsson hasn't been averse to the bad giveaway, and he's spent time as a healthy scratch earlier this season.

Consider Ales Hemsky of the Edmonton Oilers. Has he really been that impressive in the first half, or is he being picked because he arguably offers the best combination of skating and stickhandling on the Oilers?

Of course, there's some eyebrow raisers among the U.S. teams as well.

Are rumours of Mike Green's improved two-way play greatly exaggerated? Is this a case of the league being one year behind what is actually happening on the ice, in that Green's bigger name sees him picked over impressive Caps rookie John Carlson?

How about Patrik Elias? Given how dreadful New Jersey has been, is it really fair that anyone from that club is represented when promising young players like John Tavares and Jeff Skinner weren't picked for the game.

Which of the selections is the least deserving? Have your say in our highly scientific poll?