White House press secretary Robert Gibbs has made good on a bet on the outcome of the Olympic men's hockey gold-medal game, wearing a Team Canada hockey jersey at his daily briefing on Friday.

Gibbs lost the bet he made with Prime Minister's Office spokesman Dimitri Soudas on the outcome of the Feb. 28 game.

Gibbs had worn a Canadian jersey in a meeting with reporters after the U.S. women's team lost the gold medal game, but not on camera.

The jersey he showed off on Friday bore the No. 39 and displayed his name on the back. He said the number was to honour U.S. goalie Ryan Miller.

"This is not my usual attire," Gibbs said. "It's casual Friday."

Gibbs, who has been known to display his sense of humour in the briefings, later removed the Canadian colours to reveal that he was wearing a United States hockey jersey with the No. 10.

As a result of the 3-2 overtime victory for the Canadian men, Prime Minister Stephen Harper will also receive a case of beer from President Barack Obama.

In addition to a case of Molson Canadian, Gibbs said the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa has been instructed to send Harper 24 bottles of beer from Yuengling, a Pennsylvania brewery billed as the oldest in the United States.  

"I am sure Dimitri will take most of that home and consume it," Gibbs joked.

Soudas issued a statement during the Gibbs briefing.

"We're both proud of our respective countries and our athletes, hence the friendly wagers," Soudas said.

"Good friends can make a bet for beers, or to wear each other's jerseys. That said, it's always a smart idea to bet on Canada." 

With files from The Canadian Press