Is the pressure in minor hockey too much? ((Kevin Light/CBC Sports))

Anyone in minor hockey knows the pressure involved.

To make the team. To get stronger. To get faster. To get to the next level.

At what price does it come? How do kids deal with parents' expectations? How do coaches handle the  demands? Is the pressure too much?

Fittingly, the two main topics of Our Game's live blog on Thursday were the two sides of the coin. On one hand, you had a lot of questions on how kids can get noticed by top-level scouts. On the other, a lot of people were upset by the amount of pressure put on kids to make the cut.

Our Game senior writer, minor hockey coach and player Kristina Rutherford moderated the chat. Special guests Joe Birch, the OHL's director of recruitment and education services, Rob Kitamura, the OHL's director of central scouting and player development, and Our Game contributor Donnie Power were along for the talk as well.

You can see the hour-long discussion below, and don't forget that Our Game will bring you live updates of the Mississauga, Ont. tourney, and will blog the final live on Sunday.

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