Wayne Gretzky set up in the place that would become known as his "office," behind the net. ((Allsport))

January 26, 2011. Wayne Gretzky turns 50. Seems hard to believe.

His achievements and records are endless and would take up too much space to list, but here is a sampling:

  • Most goals in a season - 92
  • Most assists in a season - 163
  • Most points in a season - 215
  • Most goals  - 894
  • Most assists - 1,963
  • Most points - 2,857
  • Fastest ever to score 50 goals - 39 games

For those who didn't see him play, there were plenty of reasons to call him the Great One.  He was hockey magic. 

By today's standards he was small. He was slightly built, six feet tall but only 160 pounds. He wasn't particularly fast, and he seldom threw a check. 

Yet when he was on the ice the game was his. 

His teammates learned to expect a perfect pass at the most suprising moments. Opposition goalies learned to never, ever relax when No. 99 was on the ice. He was uncanny.

The point here is not to relive his very public success, but to explore some personal memories.

We'll kick it off here with stories from some of the Hockey Night in Canada commentators who played with him, against him, or just watched him work. We've included a story from someone who watched him play as a young superstar with the Brantford Nadrofsky Steelers. 

We're looking here for your connections to The Great One. Read our offerings and then tell us your stories.