#sidelines: From Tiger sightings to Oompa Loompas

The Twitterverse has been buzzing, and not because Phoenix Coyotes' enforcer Paul Bissonnette had his phone stolen. Tiger Woods has finally decided to join the party.

Athletes use Twitter. Not all of them, of course, but those who take the few moments to send a message/tweet often entertain and, occasionally, provide insight.

(Although with only 140 characters there is only so much that can be said)

With that in mind, we're going to take a regular a look at some athlete tweets from a variety of sports that are worth reading even if you still think a "tweet" is something a bird does when it's irate.

Disclaimer: Since we can't possibly write "sic" next to every misspelled word in the preceding tweets (or can we?), please consult your nearest acronym dictionary. It is Twitter, after all!

The Twitterverse has been buzzing over the past week after Tiger Woods decided to join the party. The much-maligned golfer has had an account since June 2009, but previous tweets were of the public relations variety, generically promoting his Twitter, Facebook and website pages.

But on Nov. 17 at 11:08 AM ET, Tiger appeared: "What's up everyone. Finally decided to try out twitter!"

After the expected skepticism, his second tweet turned out to be the top retweet of the day: "Yep, it's me. I think I like this twitter thing. You guys are awesome. Thanks for all the love."

Though Tiger has only tweeted three times since then (but he has been blogging), his followers have risen to more than 260,000 people. And that list of followers includes other athletes too...

JesseLitsch (Toronto Blue Jays) @TigerWoods heard I was on Twitter so he got on also (Nov. 17)

BizNasty2point0 (Paul Bissonnette — Phoenix Coyotes) Following @TigerWoods on twitter. Ill give him one week to say something awesome. If not, Tiger, ur f'ing out. (Nov. 18)

One day before Tiger joined Twitter, Jesse Litsch also made his first appearance along with his teammate JP Arencibia thanks to the influence of Blue Jays' ace Ricky Romero. Other Jays on Twitter include Vernon WellsTravis SniderDirk Hayhurst and Jake Marisnick.

In addition to some new athletes joining the fun on Twitter, this also seemed to be the time of the month that celebrities decided to allot some of their day directly to answering questions to those on the social network. On Nov. 17 it was Theo Fleury, and then Canucks general manager Mike Gillis took a turn on Nov. 24. Yes, yours truly also got in on the fun.

Theo Fleury 

Q: Naveson: What are your thoughts on the possible iginla trade? A: they are just rumors. He is the best player the Flames have ever had. It would be like the Red Wings trading Stevie Y

Q: wryansh: How do you feel about ... PK Subban being "cocky"? A: PK is one of my favorite players and ther is nothing wrong with being cocky just be able to back it up.

Q: EdmCaper: Who was the best player you ever played with? A: Doug Gilmour

Q: Rocket_Hockey: Who, in your opinion, are the classiest people in hockey... Guys you respect, in other words...? A: Gretzky Lemieux Sakic Yzerman Gilmour MacDonald nieuwendyk Roberts and the list goes on and on. Mostly guys from my era

Q: H_Man09: Who you got to win the cup this year?? A: Detroit

Q: BradMac91: What do you think of Colin Campbell? Do you think he's doing his job properly? A: he probably has the toughest job in hockey next to coaching

Q: JordanShifman: What do you think about Twitter & potential #NHL policies? Do you think players need rules to prevent outrageous comments? A: we need more characters in the game and they are gonna have a hard time gagging the players freedom of speech

Mike Gillis

Q: timsevenhuysen: If you could add one retired former Canuck to your current team, who would it be? A: I would add Bure to my team.

Q: beauynhl: what's your favorite memory from playing in the NHL? A: Favourite NHL memory as a player: playing on a good team in Boston.

Q: jjacobr: whats the hardest part of being a GM? A: Hardest decision: having to let senior players go in my first year

Q: evanseguin: Who's play has surprised or impressed you the most so far this season? A: Cory Schneider has impressed. Alberts as well.

Q: Yotesgurl: What teams in the West and East has surprised you this season so far? A: Surprising team in the West: Columbus.

Q: legiff: Mr. Gillis, do you feel restrictions must be put on players in the social networking age? A: We expect responsible behaviour from everyone in this organization. Social media is no exception.

Here's a look at some other interesting athlete tweets...

Nov. 25:

AvonCobourne (Montreal Alouettes) I'm going hold this over my head again on Sunday!!! http://plixi.com/p/59140510

ill_will_35 (Willie Pile — Toronto Argonauts) S/O 2 my boi Chad #Owens! Here's him & his award as #CFL Most Outstanding Special Teams Player! #proudtweet #Argos http://twitpic.com/3a7sko

trevor_linden (NHL — Retired) Great to see Kirk McLean have a permanent home at Rogers Arena!! Much deserved my friend.

grabs40 (Michael Grabner — NY Islanders) Same s--t different day...we gotta get a win...like what the f***...at least we got a point.

KingJames (LeBron James — Miami Heat) Man Blake Griffin is the most explosive player in the league! Crazy bounce

jameernelson (Orlando Magic) Sorry Fans for Getting ejected!!! Emotions Got to me which doesn't usually happen.But thanx for the support.Have a safe n happy Turkey day!

CV31 (Charlie Villanueva — Detroit Pistons) The road has been brutal, 2-7, though we have been competing, it isn't enough. We need to rise and bounce back strong. Learn, adjust, react.

ReggieEvans30  (Toronto Raptors) our new player did good 2night i am happy about that.

Nov. 23:

kaj33 (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar — NBA — Retired) Hanging w/ the Oompa Loompa's http://twitpic.com/39kbis

OzzieGuillen (Chicago White Sox manager/former player; RE: AL MVP) I hope he can be great example in life and in baseball. God Bless Josh Hamilton and his fight. 

OfficialBraylon (Braylon Edwards — NY Jets) Now that I have that out the way who's cooking for me Thursday? My family will be in Michigan, I'm #Hurt lol. I know Coach Ryan will have plenty of food lol Maybe I'll intrude lol

CJMiles34 (Utah Jazz) im a fan of Delonte West game .. I'm glad to see him playing again

Nov. 22:

johnerskine04 (John Erskine — Washington Capitals; RE: 5-0 loss to NJ) Sorry caps fans.... That was embarrassing tonight.

ochocinco (Chad Ochocinco — Cincinnati Bengals) @OfficialBraylon im out of the s--t talking business, I'm at peace now besides we are 2-8 what the hell can I say?

DP_57 (David Perron — St. Louis Blues)  Congrats to Kovy on 1000th point! Pumped for him! Such honor to have him as my idol,+ I realized how good a person he is now that I know him

chanson20 (Christian Hanson — Toronto Marlies/Maple Leafs) If you see someone walking down the street dressed as a wizard, don't be alarmed...its just @JerryD91 on his way to see Harry Potter.

valbure (NHL — Retired; Battle of the Blades season 2 winner) I cant believe that my journey on the BOTB is over. I had soo much fun. Thank you for all your support everyone. We did it :-) We Won!!! :-))) Thank you ALL for your votes :-) Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BizNasty2point0 (Paul Bissonnette — Phoenix Coyotes) So found out some munson from Edmonton stoll my phone. What low life loser steals a phone? Karma's ganna speed bag that donkey.

Coach_Brillo (Wally Buono — BC Lions GM/coach) Kudos to both clubs going to Edmonton this week for Grey Cup. Both are deserving after great efforts and it will another classic for the CFL

RickyRo24 (Ricky Romero — Toronto Blue Jays) Saw this quote on a t shirt tonight at the game "3 Heat can't stop a 3peat"... That's right!!!

Nov. 18:

JLupul (Joffrey Lupul — Anaheim Ducks) Stamkos is playing like me when I skate by myself...

EricTangradi (Pittsburgh Penguins) Stamkos is ridiculous...All the guy does is bury! He would score more goals lefty than me.