Jerry Seinfeld didn't want to be a pirate, but the Bakersfield Condors do.

The California-based ECHL team, which is affiliated with the Edmonton Oilers, will wear special "puffy shirt" jerseys for their game on Nov. 16 to honour the 25-year anniversary of Seinfeld's television debut.

The sweaters reference a classic (aren't they all?) fifth-season episode in which Seinfeld reluctantly wears a pirate-style shirt for an appearance on The Today Show.

The Condors tweeted a picture of the jerseys, and couldn't resist another Seinfeld reference.

The team is taking the Seinfeld tribute even further by replacing players' surnames on the back of the jerseys with the names of characters from the series, such as Kramer, Puddy, Uncle Leo, Crazy Joe Davola and Bubble Boy. The shirts also feature the names of "sponsors" lifted from the show, like Vandelay Industries and Pendant Publishing.

The jerseys will be auctioned for charity after the game.