Wayne Wasyluk — 'The Iceman' — is this week's Our Game Star. ((Courtesy of Wayne Wasyluk))

You can't blame Wayne Wasyluk's neighbours for thinking he works for the City of Toronto.

There he is, on the coldest nights and mornings of the year — sometimes as early as 5 a.m. — flooding and hand shovelling the two natural ice rinks in his West Lansing community.

They call him "The Iceman."

"The name just came out of the number of neighbours that would see me out there, shovelling, flooding, pretty much during all hours," says Wasyluk, 52. "One day someone saw me out there and asked, 'Who's the Iceman?' And the name stuck."

Wasyluk has been tending the double ice pad — one for hockey, the other for pleasure skating — for eight years. It's built on top of the grass at Cameron Avenue Public School, and it's a popular neighbourhood spot. On any given weekend, you might find 50 kids out there.  

"It's a real community gathering-point in the winter," Wasyluk says. "Watching the kids play shinny hockey in an open, unstructured environment, it's a great thing. It really brings the kids back to the grassroots of the game."

"The Iceman" created a profile in the Our Game Community and has been posting pictures of the action on the ice, including kids playing, his Friday night shinny team, the flooding process and the hand shovelling. For his efforts, Wasyluk is Our Game's Star of the Week.

Every week CBC's home for grassroots hockey recognizes a Community member who's been active on the site, adding blogs, pictures, slideshows and contributing to discussion forums. The Star will be featured on Hockey Night in Canada, and earns the chance to win two tickets to the Stanley Cup Finals.

If Wasyluk wins the tickets, he likely won't be taking his wife or two daughters, who aren't interested in hockey. He'll probably take one of the three guys who help him most with the rink — Dan Signoretti, Dave Kennedy and Andrew Cryne.

They're part of the Cameron Friday Nighters, who play shinny every week and then head over to a neighbour's garage for beer and barbecue.

With the warm weather Toronto's experiencing — about 9 C on Friday and rainy — the season might be coming to an end. Wasyluk says there won't be a game tonight, but they made up for it.

"We had an emergency game on Tuesday," he said. "We knew the weather was warming, so instead of having it Friday we called an emergency game, just to take advantage of the cold night. We didn't want to miss a game."

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